How It Works

Crumb enables supporters to donate their spare change from everyday purchases to organizations they care about.  When they buy their morning coffee, shop for groceries, or dine out, Crumb rounds up their purchases to the next dollar and donates the remainder amounts – called "crumbs" – to a team, club or cause of choice.  It's that simple!

Link a team or organization bank account

Invite members, supporters & friends to join

Donors make daily purchases using their debit cards

Crumb rounds up the purchases & donates to a team, club or cause of choice

Set & Track Funding Goals

Easily keep track of group and individual totals, bringing a new level of accountability and transparency to the fundraising process.

Donations Collected

$800 of $1000

Anthony Johnson
Jill Sanders
Zack Wyant

Tell Your Story

Customize your public donation page to tell your story and encourage others to support your Crumbraising efforts.  Share your story with the world using our social & email sharing tools!


Invite Supporters

Once you have your team, organization, or cause campaign set up, invite staff, supporters – even family and friends – to round-up their daily purchases and donate their spare change to your campaign!


How Much Can We Raise? *

Use our calculator to estimate how much you can raise for your team, club or cause through the Crumb round-up program!


Number of connected players/parents

Average number of connected supporters invited by each parent

Total monthly round-ups per supporter ($)

Potential $ Earned
Each Month


Total number of teams

Average number of connected parents invited by each team

Average number of connected supporters invited by each parent

Total monthly round-ups per supporter ($)

Potential $ Earned
Each Month


Number of donors in current database

Conversion % on current donors

Projected number of new donors this month

Total monthly round-ups per supporter ($)

Potential $ Earned
Each Month

* Disclaimer - the potential fundraising calculator is for hypothetical purposes only. No Guarantee.

Crumbraising For All

Crumb is used to raise money for all types of campaigns!  It's free to use, secure, and features low transaction fees.  Run a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?  Search our directory and claim your Crumb page. What are you waiting for?  Start Crumbraising today!





Partner With Us

Do you run a large organization with multiple teams, chapters or affiliates? Let us show you how Crumb's Partner Program can drive passive, recurring revenue your way.


Our Partners

Crumb is working with leading youth and high school sports leagues & associations, alumni associations, charitable organizations, and more.  Meet some of them here!

We're excited to announce that Crumb has been selected as a new SportsEngine Marketplace partner.  SportsEngine features the best collection of apps & software serving the youth sports industry.  We're honored to be featured as a top fundraising platform now available to 30,000+ youth clubs & organizations.

We’re happy to announce that Crumb is a new fundraising partner to Real Salt Lake Arizona Youth Soccer.  RSL-AZ is the largest youth soccer program in Arizona, with over 13,000 registered players in both competitive and recreational leagues.  We look forward to helping RSL-AZ teams raise money to offset the rising costs of tournaments & travel, while also saving parents valuable time.


Our 1% Pledge

One of the most glaring issues in youth sports is that the high cost of participation prices out a large number of families in America. To address this issue, our pledge is to donate 1% of our net profits to The Crumb Foundation, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm which partners with youth sports programs to co-fund scholarships for disadvantaged youth left behind by the pay-to-play system.  Find out how you, too, can support this mission below!

Fundraising made easy for teams, clubs & causes.

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