What are the fees?

It is free for donors / supporters to use the Crumb fundraising & financial management platform.  We charge teams, organizations & causes fees only when donations are made through the platform:


ACH Fees – 0.8% • $5 cap (Applies to Crumb donations)


Credit Card Fees – 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (Applies to Slice (one-time & recurring) donations)


Authentication Fees – we charge a one-time $1.99 fee to cover the costs of secure authentication and connection of each donor bank account. The fee is assessed and deducted at the end of the first month of a donor's Crumb donation cycle.  The fee is deducted after the donation is collected and before it is remitted to the team/organization, and only if a donor's first-month aggregate Crumb donation amount exceeds $1.99.


Crumb Transaction Fee:  10%  – since the platform is free to use, we take a transaction fee to cover our cost of doing business.  Compare this fee to traditional fundraising groups who keep 20 – 30% of fundraising proceeds!


Have other questions?  Check out our FAQ section for answers or email us at support@crumbraise.com.


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