Introducing Crumb :: Donate spare change | Earn rewards

Are you ready to start Crumbraising?

We’re excited to announce that the Crumb fundraising platform is officially live to the world!

Crumb enables parents & supporters to donate their spare change from everyday purchases to a team, organization or cause of choice.  When they buy their morning coffee, shop for groceries, or dine out, Crumb rounds up their purchase to the next dollar and donates that remainder amount to their child’s soccer team, local PTA, or favorite charitable cause.  It’s that simple!

Who can use Crumb?

Any type of team, organization or cause can benefit from Crumb’s fundraising platform and tracking tools:

Sports Teams & Clubs – ideal for youth & school sports. Whether you manage an individual team, a large club, or a league, we’ve got you covered.

Organizations – ideal for school activity clubs, member associations, booster clubs, and nonprofits. If you’re tired of bake sales, fun-runs and car washes, Crumb is for you.

Individual Campaigns – ideal for raising money for special events & trips, individual sports, and special causes. Put network effects to work and raise funds quickly.

What are you waiting for?

Start Crumbraising!

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